I am Matthew Robinson, Jr.

About Matthew

Hi there. My name is Matthew. I’m a college student living in the cultural oasis that is Phoenix, Arizona. If not at work I’m probably off enjoying some coffee, tea, food, movies, history, exploring or people watching.

I moved to Tucson, Arizona after graduating from Southwestern Illinois College in 2005. In January 2006 I began attending The University of Arizona. In 2008, I relocated to the Phoenix area and began attending Arizona State University. My studies center around Early American history, the New England Colonies, the history of American Indians in the 20th Century, the history of American Indian intellectualism, and the cultural history of America. I have no idea when I’ll graduate. When that time comes, I’d like to work for a non-profit, Native rights organization.

My wordview has been shaped by many events. As with anyone, these events have been both positive and negative. While it may be hard to find the silver lining sometimes, I truly believe that mankind can and will improve with the right impetus and strong leadership. In a cathedral in Philadelphia in 2011, I committed myself to ensuring the well-being of others. I live according to the simple motto: “There are far too many people in the world to place such a great concern on ourselves.”

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